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    11+ Yrs Experienced SEO & Digital Marketing Freelancer

    I have worked for many years in agencies and companies in India, where I have carried out Internet Marketing campaigns and devised online search marketing strategies. No doubt to say that I live and breathe SEO, PPC (Pay Per Click), and SEM because this is all I ever do!

    Find and hire a Bigcommerce SEO Expert to optimize your Bigcommerce store.

    (SEO goes beyond keywords, let the experts do it)


    If you want to have an eCommerce store, then obviously, you should deal with a content management system (such as Bigcommerce) to scale your business. Bigcommerce is a great tool to build your online store in minutes.

    Bigcommerce SEO to boost ranking and traffic

    Traffic is the lifeblood of any online store, including BigCommerce. If people aren’t visiting your site, you’re missing out on sales.

    One of the best ways to increase your sales is to focus on getting more people to your online store.

    Now, the twist is, Is it possible to do all things mentioned above to drive traffic without having single knowledge?

    My Opinion: NOT.

    So, What NEXT?

    Hire the best and experienced Bigcomers SEO expert who can increase your store’s organic traffic and revenue. It’s Sounds Pretty well!

    There are many ways to increase e-commerce traffic, but getting the right relevant traffic for your Bigcommerce store is the key. 

    Being an SEO Expert, I want to make sure that you get the right traffic by analyzing:

    • People are interested in your niche.
    • People who want to join your mailing list.
    • People who will be customers.

    Drive Traffic to your Bigcommerce Store

    By applying the best SEO strategies, you can drive traffic by finding the target customers and boost your sales with intuitive shopping, techniques, and marketing tools.

    SEO helps you to get solutions for every challenge with support at every step.

    With BigCommerce, you can access more in-built features designed to bring in customers and grow your revenue. Reach new customers across channels as you grow your brand.

    You can go with a reputable BigCommerce SEO expert to bring your BigCommerce website to the top ranking in search engines.



    Looking for a Bigcommerce Search Marketing Freelancer in India, but don’t want the expensive maintenance fees of large companies?

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    Himanshu Swaraj - Best Bigcommerce SEO Expert

    SEO Freelancer

    You don’t have to do anything extraordinary to rank at the top; you only need to do better than your competitors.

    – Himanshu Swaraj, Director of Search Marketing

    Search Engine Marketing Techniques: SEO, Google Ads (aka Google Adwords), Google Shopping, Rich Results implementation for Bigcommerce, Guest Posts for Bigcommerce, etc. I can also help you rank your products on Amazon and Google.

    I work with all Bigcommerce businesses from start-ups, small/mid-size to large brands.

    Yes, I am undoubtedly affordable compared to other Bigcommerce SEO agencies.

    My services are a little premium compared to other cheap SEO freelancers available. The premium you pay is for the quality of work and result commitment in a time frame. The dedication to achieve results is unmatched compared to other SEO freelancers and agencies irrespective of your business size.

    I provide you with bi-monthly or weekly reports with frequent updates and 24×7 support via Email, Skype and Call.

    NO hidden fee! Moreover, I will implement all the Bigcommerce SEO changes for FREE without any technical charge.

    For any further queries related to your Bigcommerce business promotion or my freelance SEO services, contact below or fill the form at contact page.

    Best Bigcommere SEO Service you should consider

    Are you ready to grow and shine in Google’s search results? Everyone usually likes this.

    But What First?

    Have a look at various factors as SEO service; Before think about google ranking.

    Keyword Research

    Keywords play an essential role in any SEO process. Because it will help connect searchers to your site.

    Standard SEO strategy

    I believe in understanding my clients’ business and implementing benchmark SEO strategies for them.

    Link Building

    As I have a lot of experience in eCommerce SEO, I have been running link building campaigns for many years.

    Unique Content Creation

    Unique and useful content can connect viewers to your website. I can create high-quality content to bring your website to the top search engine rankings.

    Monitoring report

    Positive reviews and ratings for your products and services bring credibility to your website.

    Discuss with the most trusted Bigcommerce SEO expert about your goals

    BigCommerce SEO is not “one size fits all.” I execute a hard-working SEO process, use data about the advantages and disadvantages, adjust the specific settings of BigCommerce, and improve the page load speed to maintain standards.

    When you decide to discuss your business goals, you must have adequate and appropriate plans for your business development.

    Setting SMART goals can provide you with business guidance and increase brand awareness and audiences.

    Before discussing with Bigcommerce SEO Expert, you need to keep some essential goals in mind;

    • To rank high on search engines, you need to be on Google’s front page – preferably near the top. With no SEO strategy, you will never get there.
    • Provide valuable content to customers instead of treating them falsely. They will be happy and visit your website.
    • Take SEO analysis allows you to gain insight into the situation of customers visiting your website to improve user experience.
    • As search engine algorithms become more and more complex, user experience becomes a more important factor in rankings. Request to improve the site structure and user experience.

    The right plan can give you peace of mind because you know that you have a feasible action plan and achieve your goals. 

    Planning can also help you prepare for obstacles you encounter because part of the planning process is to create emergency preparedness for unexpected problems.

    I am Your Next Bigcommerce SEO Specialist

    I have helped e-commerce merchants around the world reach new heights of success online. Using my years of expertise, best quality tools, and passion for perfecting the art of e-commerce, my clients have reaped great returns.

    My audit will cover key SEO parameters, including HTML and structural issues, advanced technical analysis and recommendations, on-site SEO statistics, content development, backlink statistics, and competitive analysis.

    I am very fond of helping people who learn from their years of experience in digital marketing.

    It’s time to grow your Bigcommerce Store.

    BigCommerce is one of the largest CMS providers and is popular in the business world for its handy solutions.

    The powerful features of the platform, coupled with Coalition Technologies’ familiarity with the marketing aspects of Big Commerce, have provided exemplary services to customers and brought revenue growth to businesses.

    Power and growth of Bigcommerce: ultimate and outstanding.

    Are you willing to hire your Next Bigcommerce SEO Expert; If YES.

    I am a BigCommerce SEO freelancer, so you can trust that I know the BigCommerce platform better than any other expert.

    I understand that your website is unique, and I will formulate customized BigCommerce SEO marketing recommendations for each customer.


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