About Himanshu Swaraj

I draft and execute search engine marketing strategies for small, medium and large size businesses across the globe as a freelancer.

SEO Freelancer
Himanshu Swaraj:
SEM Director for SEOFreelance.net

The Founder and Director of Search Engine Marketing for SEOFreelance.net, Himanshu Swaraj, remotely works for companies and businesses around the world.

SEOFreelance.net have a healthy team of SEM experts and we work along with PR firms, advertising agencies etc for our clients. Our clients range from small start-ups to large businesses and trading companies.


11+ years of smart marketing experience including years of direct marketing management for SEO, Paid Channels (PPC), e-commerce websites, emailing, content blogging and banner advertising.
Over 8 yrs of experience with B2B as well as B2C management under agency along with 5 yrs of online social media management experience for Facebook, Twitter, Online Display & SEM.

Acted as Leader for project teams for SEO, web design and development as well as direct marketing campaigns.


For the majority of my 11+ yrs. career, I’ve planned, organized and executed online marketing strategies and social media campaigns to increase sales for B2B, B2C and e-commerce agencies. No doubt to say that I live and breathe SEO, PPC, SEM and Internet Marketing because this is all I ever do!


Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) Management for Google Ads, Bing Ads, Conversion optimization, Analytics Setup and ROI Reporting, Social Media Paid Campaign management for Facebook, Twitter. Display Advertising like Banner, Images, Short Videos etc. Affiliate Marketing and A/B Testing.

Consult with me and we’ll come up with an effective online marketing strategy for you. Just contact me or call me at +91 9654-64-7969.