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    Real estate SEO Freelancer
    Real estate SEO

    Are you searching for a way to leverage traffic from buyers and sellers?

    If so, you’ve come to the right place.

    The first question:

    Why Real Estate Search Engines Optimization (SEO) Matter

    Like it or not, the real estate industry has “shifted” online. More than 80% of people now search for Homes and Realtors online while the actual signing of papers still takes place in person, every other aspect of real estate can be done online. Shopping for homes, getting mortgage quotes, mortgage calculations, taking virtual tours, researching property values — the Internet makes all of this easier and more efficient than ever. As a result, your ideal targeted audience is online as well, day in and day out. The question is … can they find you?

    The Challenge for Real Estate Agents
    Nobody can argue about the importance of search engine visibility these days. Every real estate agent wants his or her website to rank well in the search engines so that there could be more & more traffic. With so many buyers and sellers online these days, it’s a no-brainer. That’s where real estate search engine optimization (SEO) comes into the picture. Real estate SEO is the act of improving an agent or broker website for better search engine visibility, which equates to more website traffic and general success online.

    Now the question is: What we do?
    We believe that with the competition in the real estate market today, it is even more important to establish your Website’s position now! That why we specialize in working with our clients to create powerful online marketing strategies & business model that get the results you really want.

    We Promise to:

    1. Increase leads from buyers and sellers
    2. Increase Exposure in the Real Estate Industry
    3. Increase sales from your Website
    4. Increase Search Engine position Rankings including Google, Yahoo, MSN/Live
    5. Increase Google traffic via:

    How we do:
    We work on the following Formula:

    SEO + Social Media and Blog Marketing + Reputation Management+ Link Building

    1. Search Engine Optimization:
    We are one of the best Freelance SEO service dealing 100% ethical, effective and complete SEO package.

    How we work:
    a. Keywords Research & Analysis
    b. Competitors Analysis
    c. Meta tags & Title tags optimization
    d. Alt tags & header tags optimization
    e. Content optimization & tweak
    f. Advanced XML Sitemap creation (with XSL)
    g. Website Authentication in all webmaster tools including Google, Yahoo & MSN
    We will position your real estate website to the first page of Google!

    2. Social Media and Blog Marketing
    Have you heard of Youtube, Active Rain, Social Marketing, and Blogging? They’re the hottest solutions of what’s called Web 2.0 Marketing. Web 2.0 has provided real estate website owners with amazing marketing opportunities. Without the costly burden of newspaper and other print advertising, you can easily and affordably reach a tremendous audience through social media. Social media is the hottest thing on the web with millions of users joining social websites every day. Why not take advantage of using the networking capabilities of social media sites to market your real estate business?
    We recognize that successful real estate marketing provides the most value when it is combined with a professional social media/blog marketing campaign. Our Social Media blog marketing packages are designed to be combined with our Search Engine Optimization programs so we deliver the best results for your company.

    How we work:
    a. Extensive Social Marketing Campaign
    b. Create profiles and profile tuning in all Social media portals
    c. Video submissions in all Video portals including Youtube, Google Videos, Yahoo Videos etc.
    d. Submitting
    e. Submitting stories in all Real Estate Network including Link Rain etc.
    f. Submit listing in all Real Estate Network.

    3. Online Reputation Management
    For us to be successful in any business, our reputation is of paramount importance. With the advent of the internet, it is very easy to build or break one’s reputation. Often without our knowledge, our reputation can be ruined across the web creating a huge damage to our business. The same applies to the real estate industry too. The reputation of Realtors is all the more important in the real estate industry because here the transactions involve huge sums of money. Therefore, we need to build a good image in the industry so that people will seek our services. We help you to protect your reputation.

    How we work:
    a. Minimize Negating Re-views effect.
    b. Promoting Positive feedback all across the internet.
    c. Create Google Alert profile.
    d. Strong Re-views and Blog Postings.

    4. Link Building
    Link Building is one of the most important stuff for Search Engine Rankings. We offer a Complete Link Building Campaign especially for your Real Estate website so that you receive one-way links from top-performing real estate websites, Press Release quality content, and a marketing edge over all your competition!

    How we work:
    a. Create Real Estate Theme Based Links
    b. Create Real Estate Social Bookmarking Links
    c. Real Estate Directory Submission Links
    d. Real Estate RSS Feed Submissions
    e. Create Real Estate Blog Links

    Applying these strategies and using professional real estate publications are some of the opportunities we provide to ensure you receive the greatest return-on-investment!

    To start you Real Estate Search Engines Optimization or for any query or call me at +91 9654647969