SEO Charges/Prices Trends for Freelancers

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Freelance SEO india chargesRand fish of SEOmoz has posted an excellent article on the various SEO price structures. Taking his post in sync; I am going to breakdown the pricing models to make life easier for many freelancers who are confused over the SEO charges:

Most popular SEO Pricing Models:

1. Hourly Consulting model

This is the simplest and easiest way. The hourly rate varies from $5-$500/hr, it varies from your skills, website requirements etc. (If you ask me, my hourly rate is $8 an hour)

2. Project-Based Consulting model

This is plain and simple, just charge the overall amount of the project. Many people break it for various services like Keyword research, On-site analysis, Off-site activities etc..

3. Contract Services

Sign a contract with single price for a set amount of work like Link Building, Directory Submissions etc

4. Standard Profit Sharing

Many SEO providers offer profit sharing based plans which include a relatively small down payment to start the project work and then a percentage of revenues from sales through the website.

5. Modified Profit Sharing model

Same as above, but modified profit-sharing typically like a percentage from Pay-Per-Action (PPA) or Pay-Per-Lead. (Just to limit the risk).

6. Monthly Retainer model

Follow a standard SEO plan/package to retain the client rankings. This is a very good model if you wish you retain client for a longer duration of time.

7. Pay for Rankings (Performance-based SEO)

This model is becoming more and more popular nowadays. The idea is interesting, where you charge according to the position of a particular search results say page 3 then page 2 then #10, 9, 8, and so on. There can be some specific bonus for the TOP 3 rankings. You can charge according to the keyword competition and your hours spend to bring it in rankings.

8. Pay for Traffic

This is similar to performance-based SEO; where you charge according to the traffic generating on the website. The only problem is that you cannot measure the quality of traffic accurately.

Let’s move to the most important pricing model:
Though pricing will definitely vary considering the huge world of search engine marketing and increase in competition, the below table is just an idea:

SEO Service
Low End
Mid Range
High End
Site Review + Consulting$500$2,500$10,000
On-Site Changes/Coding changes$2,000$10,000$50,000
Link Popularity Campaign$500$5,000$20,000
Keyword Research Package$100$500$2,000
Content Creation$1,000$7,500$20,000
Ongoing SEO (Monthly)$2,500$7,500$20,000+