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Hey, I’m Himanshu Swaraj. I’m determined to make a business in Your City successful. My only question is, will it be yours?

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100% Results Oriented SEO & Digital Marketing Expert in India

I have worked for many years in agencies and companies in India where I have carried out Internet Marketing campaigns and devised online search marketing strategies. No doubt to say that I live and breathe SEO, PPC (Pay Per Click), and SEM because this is all I ever do!

You don’t have to do anything extraordinary to rank at the top; you only need to do better than your competitors.

– Himanshu Swaraj, Director of Search Marketing

Why Hire me for Freelance SEO Services?

Here is what stands me different from the other cheap SEO experts in India:

  • 11+ Years of Digital Marketing experience
  • 200+ successful small-mid-large businesses so far
  • Google Digital Marketing Certified Skills
  • Complete Research to make your business successful
  • Premium SEO tools for your website to make SEO tasks easier
  • Full transparency in result commitment, work & reporting
  • 24*7 Support via Email/Call/Chat

Why Himanshu Swaraj is the best SEO expert in India?

Himanshu Swaraj is the best SEO expert in India because of his extensive SEO experience of 11+ years, white-hat SEO tactics, advanced SEO tools which help website traffic growth. He works as Full Time SEO Freelancer operating his services from Noida (Delhi NCR), India.

Why Himanshu for SEO in India?

Some Highlights of My Work Experience

Expert SEO Strategies – Made for your website

I work on all SEO ranking factors tailor-made to optimize websites for search engines, just like any SEO agency.

Below are the shortlist of my SEO services:

  • Technical On-page optimization
  • Quality Scalable backlink building strategies and Off-page SEO
  • Content creation in multiple languages
  • Content Optimization and Marketing
  • Website Load Speed Optimization
  • Website Site structure optimization
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Schema.org Setup

Along with the above Organic SEO approach, I also integrate SEO with other healthy organic internet marketing traffic sources. My SEO services go in sync with paid search campaigns (Google/Facebook/LinkedIn) and social media optimization and marketing.

Though I focus on it, I am well aware that there are other authoritative traffic sources besides organic SEO traffic. That’s why I implement my SEO practices keeping other internet marketing disciplines in mind so that I can leverage traffic for paid search campaigns and social media optimization campaigns as well.

Looking for a Search Marketing Expert Freelancer in India but don’t want the expensive maintenance fees of large companies?

Talk to me!

Himanshu Swaraj: Best SEO Expert in India

SEO Freelancer

Search Engine Marketing Techniques: SEO, Google Ads (aka Google Adwords), Google Shopping, Google My Business Local, E-commerce SEO, etc. I can also help you rank your products on Amazon and Google.

I work with all businesses from start-ups, small/mid-size to large brands.

Yes, I am undoubtedly affordable compared to other Indian SEO agencies.

My services are a little premium compared to other cheap SEO freelancers in India. The premium you pay is for the quality of work and result commitment in a time frame. The dedication to achieve results is unmatched compared to other SEO freelancers and agencies irrespective of your business size.

I provide you with bi-monthly or weekly reports with frequent updates and 24×7 support via Email, Skype and Call.

NO hidden fee! Moreover, I will implement all the SEO HTML changes for FREE without any technical charge.

For any further queries related to your business promotion or my freelance SEO services, contact below or fill the form at contact page.

How did I become a freelancer for search engine optimization?

I started my marketing career with an SEO startup agency in 2008. Playing with SEO techniques and Google Algorithms was always fun for me back then. Office colleagues and project managers in the agency were a significant influence to expand my SEO skill set and made my work style and process more professional. I created my 1st blog website on Blogger and started posting SEO tips and articles.

After several years of experience with several more SEO agencies, the next logical step for me was the freelance SEO consulting.

As a Freelancer, I have more time to do the real SEO work rather than spending time on project management and administration. I can spend more time on core SEO activities, like SEO keywords research, competition analysis, backlinks building, etc. therefore, my clients get more value for money work. Thus, freelancing helps me provide faster client feedback, which is essential to compete and usually is not attainable in an SEO agency.

Experienced SEO Expert in India

  1. Expertise in keywords research and competition analysis
  2. In-depth understanding of Google Ranking factors
  3. Healthy Experience with Google Ban Filters and Recovery
  4. Rich experience in working with both Startup and Corporates.
  5. Strong technical expertise with On-Site Optimization and Website SEO issues
  6. HTML, PHP, ASP.NET, WordPress, Joomla and other significant eCommerce portal working experience
  7. Extensive experience with website usability and bounce rate reduction
  8. In-depth knowledge about Google Bert/Rank Brain, Penguin, Panda & Hummingbird Algorithms
  9. Comprehensive experience with Analytics, Goals, Funnels, Tracking and custom reports

Why should you outsource to a freelance SEO Professional in India?

There are many benefits to outsourcing SEO to a freelancer as compared to an SEO company. Below are some core reasons:

  • Cost-benefit
  • Dedicated Project management
  • 24*7 support via call/chat
  • 100% result commitment
  • less headache and hassle of a company’s processes

An SEO freelancer would cost you a lot less compared to an SEO firm without any compromise in quality and commitment as people often think then they compare freelancer and a company.

At Freelance SEO, I always maintain work quality professionalism. I apply innovative ideas and smart work to the campaigns. The delivery time is also better than the SEO companies due to the less hassle and company procedures. I understand that time is money, and I ensure a timely commitment to all my campaigns.

Lastly, an SEO freelancer is more committed to your website compared to an SEO company due to less work pressure.

Best SEO Techniques & SEO Tools

As SEO Freelancer, I utilize the best possible SEO techniques to rank your website within a limited period. Your success is my ultimate goal & I work hard to achieve it come what may. I am here to stay and grow big. I urge you to have faith in our dedication and vision to make your business successful.

Some Search Engine Optimization Tools & Apps I use:

SEO Process I follow in Brief

Keyword Research – High Ranking

Keyword research is the building block for SEO. It is the process of finding words and phrases (aka “keywords”) that people use in search engines. My keywords research includes a smart selection of key-phrases that have high search volume and moderate competition. The idea is to start building traffic in the least amount of time and then chase the Big brother keywords. If you choose keywords that are too competitive, then it takes more to achieve high rankings or even you may never rank. The best keywords selection process includes picking up moderate competitive keywords which are tightly relevant to your business and location.

Title Tags Optimization

The title tag is one of the most important elements for SEO, this appears right in the front as a Call to Action in Google Search Results. No doubt to say, it impacts your Organic Search Click-Through Rates (CTR) and overall traffic. I optimize Title tags which improved both rankings and CTR in Google search results. My Title tag optimization consists the right balance between SEO keywords and Call to Action.

On-Site Analysis

I analyze your complete website including each and every inbound/outbound links, HTML/CSS, Broken Links, Forms, Useability, and Content quality. After the analysis, I present you with a full report along with the suggested changes needed to improve your website visibility in Google.

Quality Content

Content is still the KING in SEO rankings. Quality content not only helps in good search engine rankings but also improves conversions and sales. Keyword research is crucial to develop quality content. Talking broadly, in order to rank high in Google, you need to have quality content which is relevant to your user’s search query and more importantly solves the user intent.

The key to ranking higher than your competitors is to provide quality content that is relevant to your user’s search query, keyword research plays an essential role in this process.


Guest Posting – Quality backlinks

Guest Posting is the new king of Link Building. Acquiring quality links nowadays is impossible without Guest Posting. At SEOFreelance.net, I spend a lot of time finding quality guest post websites where we can get a natural backlink.

Competitor Analysis – Key to Success

I do in-depth competitor analysis to find out what’s working for them that we can incorporate to our SEO strategy, including backlinks, on-site SEO, blogging, paid ads, content structure, schema tags, etc. A proper competition analysis makes the SEO job easier to begin.

Local SEO – Rank for your Local Area

Local SEO includes ranking websites on the first page of Google and Google Map listing in the local city or suburb areas for businesses like Dentists, Plumbers, Locksmith, Lawyers, Real Estate Agents, etc. I specialize in ranking a local business on Google TOP 10 (1st Page), and Google maps Listings via local optimization techniques.

hire best seo expert freelancer

How to hire the right SEO freelancer in India?

When hiring SEO freelancers, it is crucial to verify the experience and SEO skills-set of each individual. Below are some essential points to note before hiring an SEO Freelancer:

  1. Ensure that the freelancer has worked on your website’s development technology in the past primarily if your site utilizes new development platforms like Angular, React, Umbraco, etc
  2. Using a popular platform like WordPress, ensure that the freelancer has the required premium SEO plugins to execute the tasks.
  3. Ensure that the freelancer has experience implementing the SEO changes to your website backend to avoid unwanted costs and time consumption in the future. If your site uses any customized CMS, it’s better to discuss this in advance to the SEO Freelancer. The point is, any independent SEO expert has to be well aware of your website frontend and backend to execute the SEO plan effectively.
  4. Ensure that the freelancer has an established web presence and transparency like a LinkedIn profile. Check the freelancer’s previous works and clients, it will be easier for you to decide.
  5. Ensure that the freelancer is available in your time zone (for at least a few hours) to ensure better communication and campaign flow.
  6. Communicate your expectations and timelines clearly with the freelancer to avoid any hassle moving forward. Any SEO campaign takes time to kick-in; generally, it takes 2-3 months to see results; however, some business niche may take a long time. Thus, it’s better to keep and communicate a respective results timeline with your freelancer.
  7. Once the campaign scope and cost is finalized in writing, the freelancer needs access website and other credentials including:
    • Website frontend and backend login
    • Website hosting and FTP access
    • Google Analytics & Search Console access

Freelance SEO Specialists – Committed to bringing results.

I lead a dedicated group of specialists who strive to give the best that I can offer to our clients. I work with the ultimate goal of providing the best SEO services you have ever experienced. I am not here to make a profit, but to redefine the quality of SEO.

With over 11+ years of experience, you will have 100% assurance of getting reliable and best SEO services. I believe that each website business has different goals and competition; that’s why I create a custom plan for every website I work.


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174%Increase in Website Traffic

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92%Increase in Website Traffic

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290%Increase in Website Traffic

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162%Increase in Website Traffic

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Who is the best SEO Freelancer expert in India?

Himanshu Swaraj is one of the most experienced SEO consultant in India optimizing websites to rank higher in Google and generate traffic online. He is considered one of the best SEO Freelancer in India because of his WHITE HAT SEO TECHNIQUES enabling many businesses to build search engine presence. He utilizes the latest proven SEO techniques tailor-made for websites of different niches to perform well. He is Google Digital Marketing certified individual.

Does an SEO Expert give a guarantee of SEO ranking?

It’s practically not possible to give SEO ranking Guarantee by any SEO Expert or agency however I give you 100% assurance to show improvement to your search engine rankings and traffic. With my SEO services, you will 100% see an increase in your search engine traffic in a respectable time.

What is an SEO Freelancer?

An SEO Freelancer is an Individual working dedicatedly to optimize your website to rank high in Google SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). An SEO Freelancer works independently and takes care of communication, SEO execution, and reporting, unlike an SEO agency where you may find different teams working on various activities and a manager to communicate. A right SEO freelancer can perform much better compared to any SEO agency as they are more focused to make your business successful.

What are the advantages of SEO?

Each of the digital marketing platforms has its pros and cons; however, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the best ways because of the below advantages:
SEO brings you Free of cost unlimited traffic 24*7 and seven days a week.
SEO is cost-effective
SEO has one of the best ROIs; it pays even when you stop investing.
SEO helps to build your brand online.
SEO has a Transparent operation.
SEO is data-driven and can be measured easily via analytics.

What are some of the best Digital Marketing modes to promote your business?

Unlike conventional marketing, Digital marketing is targeted on digital platforms like mobile, tablets, laptops and even smartwatches these days.
Below are some of the best modes to promote your business through digital marketing:
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Pay Per Click Marketing
Google Ads
Social Media Optimization & Marketing
Email Marketing
Influencer Marketing
Content Marketing (Videos/Images etc.)
E-commerce Marketing

When should you look for SEO Freelancer India?

You should search for an SEO Freelancer when you want personal attention to your website, unlike an SEO agency. If you have a time crunch campaign and you don’t want to get into the hassle of hiring an SEO agency, SEO Freelancer is the best way forward. You should hire an SEO expert when you want higher rankings for your website but have a tight budget.

Why is SEO & Digital Marketing Important for Businesses in India?

India has now more than 560 million in India are internet users and is the second largest online market in the World. This number will rise to 650 million by the year 2023. You can assume what these internet users would be doing on the internet. They are spending time on Social media, online shopping, Google, etc. With the penetration of Google in India (98.3%), almost all businesses are going online to find customers and sales via search engines and social media platforms.
If your business is on the internet or your customers are on the internet, then you should take Digital Marketing very seriously. Digital Marketing is tailored made for many business types like health, law, construction, automobile, dating, e-commerce, education, real estate, mortgage etc.

How do freelancers do SEO?

How do freelancers do SEO?

SEO Freelancers are individual experts working dedicatedly on your website for search engine optimization. SEO freelancers, generally work from home or a workplace and work as an all-rounder to communicate, collaborate and execute your project. SEO Freelancers do SEO via steps:
1. Analyzing your business, competitive and target goals
2. Optimizing your website (contents, useability, and HTML) according to Google search guidelines and ranking requirements.
3. Build natural backlinks to help establish your brand on search engines.

Role of Data analytics with data-driven Digital Marketing?

The Best SEO Expert Freelancer in India role of analytics in digital marketing

Data analytics plays the most important role in Digital Marketing. It helps to track the digital marketing campaign effectively.
The best thing about digital marketing is its easy integration with analytics software and apps like Google Analytics.
With the help of Data Analytics, we can easily measure the effectiveness of any digital marketing campaign, including:
1. Business Target Audience
2. Business Audience Behaviour
3. The flow of traffic on the website
4. Customer/Buyer tracking
5. Location and Frequency tracking
6. Identify the best digital marketing mode

What other Search Engines I expertise?

My primary expertise is Google Search which has a dominant market share worldwide however I will also rank your website to other popular search engines like Bing, Yahoo and Yandex.

Where can I find an SEO Freelancer in India for Google?

If you are reading this answer, you have already. Himanshu Swaraj one of the best and most experienced SEO Expert Freelancer in India serving businesses globally. Himanshu helps you rank your website on Google via ethical and quality SEO work at a very affordable cost. Get your free website SEO audit report to see the difference.

Do SEO Freelancers Ask For ID And Password (Website Login Credentials)?

Yes, SEO freelancers do need website credentials (ID/Passwords) to analyze your website and implement changes which will improve your search engine rankings. SEO Freelancers also need your Google Analytics and Search Console access to better understand your search traffic and goals. It’s completely safe and natural to share login credentials to your trusted SEO Freelancer.