Get listed higher on Google/Bing

Are you in dilemma because the website you created just does not get listed higher on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing?

Worry not. You can always take the help of any of the SEO service providers present who will not only help your website get higher ranking on Google and other search engines but would also help them feature above your competitors website.
These SEO service providers have in house teams of experts who have years of experience in handling successful SEO campaigns for their clients with a proven track record. Hence they are the perfect persons who can help get top ranking on Google for their client’s website. These experts know that among all search engines Google is the most preferred and almost 90% of search engine users use Google for all their searches. Thus they plan an SEO campaign keeping in mind the indexing method followed by Google.

  • These experts first analyze the target words used by the client’s customers, their competitor’s strategy and the present website of the client. Once this is looked into, they get down to on page SEO techniques such as optimum use of these keywords in title, Meta tags, content of all pages, categories, URLs, post titles, subheadings and file names and ALT tags of images. This method helps Google find the site more easily. The experts treat every page of the website as the landing page and create the pages so that they are able to keep up the interest of the target customer in the website. The experts also add the business’s contact details, portfolio and services information to every page of the site. The experts take care not to ‘over optimize’ the pages by stuffing them full of key word to avoid Google listing them as pages using black hat techniques. They also use internal linking to help get the page noticed by Google and help them get higher ranking on Google.

  • The next step is off page SEO optimization. This is a bit difficult than on page SEO as these involve stuffs which the site does not have control over. Experts work hard to get quality back links to the client’s website. They also help release press releases, articles and blogs to promote the website. Steps such as directory submission and participation in social media help create awareness about the website. Some also opt for paid advertising so that their clients may get the maximum target customers which would help them get top ranking on Google.

Apart from the above mentioned steps, SEO firms also help clients by regularly monitoring their website and providing regular reports on the traffic and ranking so that the client knows how their website is faring. Some of the reputed names in SEO service providers have experts who have SEO on their finger tips and help clients get their website listed higher on Google and other search engines.

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