Top 12 Things to Look into SEO Freelancer

Seo Freelancer IndiaSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is now the crucial need of every business for any industry whether it is small, medium or large specially business which is targeted to online audience. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is just kind of competition that everyone wishes to win by paying anything it takes, especially with recent Google update (Google Instant), SEO has become one of the lethal weapon to drag visits. In last 10 years SEO has been changed drastically. Remember those days when the websites rankings were as easy as stuffing the keywords 10-15 times and getting the top ranking quickly, even people using keyword spam or keyword repetitions to promote the websites.  Things have been changed a lot since then especially with the last Google Instant update; similarly the industry saw massive growth in competition.

Here are the top 12 points which you should keep in mind while choosing a Freelance SEO consultant:

  1. Request for a detailed audit/proposal about your website and review the standard of the analysis.
  2. Check the freelancer’s past experiences and existing rankings in all major search engines.
  3. Request for past client references so that you can satisfy yourself.
  4. Request for the method if it involves any black hat method.
  5. Enquire about the detailed quantified package and task performed each month or week.
  6. Ask for Rank Guarantees, as many clients have lost their money just to SEO companies with no results.
  7. Ask for activity Deliverable Milestones.
  8. Ask for activity Reporting Format and system.
  9. Ask for Sample Reporting Format.
  10. Ask for frequent SEP Reports and Updates.
  11. As communication is always been an obstacle while outsourcing to seo freelancers so ask for a dedicated communication channel and timing.
  12. Ask for any important/custom query you have before getting started your SEO campaign.

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