5 Most Important Points to Consider Over Before an SEO Campaign

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Important SEO points

Setting up a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign and maintaining a stable success rate from the perspective of traffic inflow or business is not the same thing. In fact, setting up an SEO campaign is much easier than actually managing it. However, if you are planning SEO to optimize your website for the search engines and individual consumers, there are certain important key points to be kept in mind.

Let’s discuss the important things to know before you jump in a SEO campaign –

1.    The Objectives – Unless you have a clear design of objectives you wish to achieve with your Search engine optimization campaign, even the most intense and expensive SEO packages cannot help your purpose gain momentum. Remember, each SEO campaign for a website is unique and has different goals. It may range from building brand to target a specified traffic, from quick leads/sales to long-term ecommerce conversions. Decide on your objective and build the campaign in that direction.

2.    The Changes – Prop yourselves for a complete/partial web design and development revamp. A lot of site owners do not have a SEO-friendly site, and may need to re-design and re-develop the same to make the website Search engine friendly. This may cost a little, but is very important if you want the desired results to come into effect quickly. Keep this important factor in mind while shaping the budget for your SEO campaign.

3.    Patience – SEO is a slow burner element. An SEO campaign bears fruit only with persistence over time. So if you are looking for an quick increase in sales within a month of the execution of the SEO, you should have rather been investing in PPC or other CPC advertising and the paid marketing like same. (Learn more about our PPC Freelancer services). A whitehat flawless SEO campaign will give results, but only with time. So be patient, and keep researching for better opportunities to complement the ongoing campaign (like social media optimization, branding etc) instead of hurrying for the late results.

4.    Contribution from Everybody – Since SEO is a cumulative and combined affair, having everyone on your staff involved of the same is a wise thing to implement. For instance, you can have your staffs/employees spread the word through viral/social marketing platforms (like Propeller, Digg, StumbleUpon etc) as well as social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

5.    Knowledge Matters – Staying up-to-date on the latest SEO updates, packages, as well as the latest trends can be very much beneficial in more ways than one. 1: It can stop you from being cheat by the SEO experts. 2: It could help you cover more ground with your search engine optimization campaign. And ultimately, it can actually help you verify the work done by your outsourced individuals/SEO experts.
Finally, set practical targets. Do not expect to rank at number 1 for a keyword that has 1 billion search results to quickly. Yes, it is possible! But over a long period of time – which is where again patience and persistence come into play!

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