What are the areas where search engines give more importance in their ranking algorithms?

Lots of people are generally confused “Whether they should give more importance to Onpage optimization or Offpage Optimization?” Well to be honest for a perfect Search Engine Optimization for a website there need to be a perfect blend of Onpage+Offpage Optimization.

Now the question is:

“What are the areas where Search Engine Spiders puts more importance which makes an IMPACT rankings?”

In this post i tried to highlight only those areas which search engine counts and gives more importance in their ranking algorithms:

Seo Onpage jargon:
Title tag, The main body text, Meta tags, Link popularity, Domain name, Heading tags, Proximity of keywords, Bold or italic texts, Folder or file names, Image alt tags, Title attribute and Keyword in the beginning of sentence.

Based on the importance, we can rank those areas as below:

So as you can see Website Title and Link Popularity are the seed here and need to pay more attention. I will deal all these particular points in my further posts!

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