What we do to rank your website?

Ranking in TOP requires a consistent effort using the right SEO strategy. The SEO strategy I follow is customized to each and every website as every website has a different target product/services as well as audience location.

Below are some defined steps I follow which will give you a better idea about what I do:

1. Onpage Optimization
a. Keywords Research & Analysis
b. Competitors Analysis
c. Meta tags & Title tags optimization
d. Alt tags & header tags optimization
e. Content Optimization
f. Advanced XML Sitemap creation (with XSL)
g. Website Authentication in all webmaster tools including Google, Yahoo & MSN

2. Offpage Optimization
a. Theme based Link Building (Compliant to Recent Google Updates)
b. Social Bookmarking
c. Story & Article Posting
d. Directory Submissions
e. News Letter & Press release submissions
f. RSS feed submissions
g. Blog creation to major portals like wordpress, blogger

3. Social Media Optimization
a. Profile creation in all Social Media websites including Propeller, Digg, Twitter, Mixx etc.
b. Story & Articles posting and optimization in all Social Media websites.
c. Creating links from Social Media Websites.
d. Video Submissions & Optimization in major Video websites including Google Video, YouTube, Yahoo Video, Metacafe etc..

4. Online Reputation Management
a. Website Reviews Submissions.
b. Question & Answer postings.
c. Business Blog Creation.

Along with this we provide daily reporting about the SEO progress as well as weekly ranking report, so that you will be aware about the happenings and growth on your website traffic & rankings. Freelance Seo consultant

Search engine optimization (SEO) consultants supports your existing search engine marketing campaigns or completely handle, manage your search engine marketing (SEM) including search engine optimization, social media optimization (SMO), pay per click management (PPC), online reputation management (ORM) and link building campaigns.SEO depends upon all the below factors:

a. Unique & Strong keyword rich content
b. Theme based links
c. Social Media Optimization
d. Meta tags & Alt tags optimization
e. Header tags optimization
f. Other Onpage stuffs like website opening speed, javascript, w3c validation etc.

So it’s mandatory to optimize these things to get high rankings in search engines for the seed keywords.

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