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12 SEO tips to increase the frequency of cache/index by search engines

What are the things that grab more attention to the search bots?

In Order to achieve good rankings in Search Engines, it is very important that search engines will cache/index your website regularly. You cannot force Googlebot or other spiders to visit your site regularly. Here are 11 tips you can apply to increase the frequency of access of search (eg Googlebot, Yahoo Slurp or Msnbot)

12 SEO tips to improve the frequency of search engine cache/index.

Here are 12 tips for SEO you can improve the frequency of visiting the Website Search:
  1. Update content regularly.
  2. Content is the KING, Search Engines spiders Love Content so try to create unique content often and regularly (3 times a week if possible)
  3. Ensure that the proper operation: See statistics Google Webmaster tools for the error page.
  4. Reduce page load time: Search spiders have a limited period allocated to cache/index the page so its better to use external javascript files, compressed images, etc.
  5. Check Duplicate Content: Make sure that there is no duplicate content on the Website through a link URL. The idea here is if search engine spiders will cache duplicate content then it certainly will have less time to crawl other pages of the website.
  6. More & More backlinks: Strong backlinks makes sure that your page is caching regularly.
  7. Adjust frequency report of the search in Google Webmaster Tools – Tools for Google Web management
  8. Add XML Sitemap: Sitemap can also be called as an Invitation Card to Search Engine Spiders in SEO language. Theoretically, Sitemap helps the search to quickly identify the structure, content, and website from which it may well the entire website.
  9. Ensure that Web servers return HTTP Header Status exactly. And you have created a 404-page error in individual cases not find the file or folder on the Website. Http Header for the return is precisely to help the search to understand what is going on and that is to explain clearly the best to search in case of error
  10. Use Keywords within Title and Meta tags (eg keywords tags or description tags) for each unique URL of the Website.
  11. Tracking frequency of Googlebot search to determine the interest in it and the problems occur (if have)
  12. Image Alt Tags: Search engine spiders are actually blind, they can’t see the images in your website so use Alternate text (image alt) to the images in order to optimize images.

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