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Some Biggest SEO Mistakes–Part 1

Following are some biggest SEO mistakes webmasters commit while optimizing a website:

  • Leaving title tags to be auto-generated (from the post name, category name, etc.)
  • Squandering your “crawl equity” by letting pages get indexed that don’t deserve to be (“Email this page” etc.)
  • Having multiple “homes” for your blog
  • Not using unique “Optional Excerpt” or rel=”canonical” to minimize duplicate content
  • Not using rel=nofollow to direct PageRank flow
  • Over-reliance on date-based archives
  • No stability in keyword focus on category & tag pages
  • Suboptimal URLs (too long, too many words, too many directories)
  • Only one RSS feed, and it’s un-optimized
  • Hosting blog/feed URLs on a domain you don’t own
  • Using suboptimal anchor text when linking internally

I will be adding more points in my future posts, stay tuned… HS

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