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How to get your website noticed?

In this blog post, I am going to highlight some smart ideas you can use to attract users for your website. It doesn’t matter how many good things you have on your website unless you are easily searchable on the internet. You have to market yourself.

Below are some tips you can use to market your website:
1. PPC Advertising
Before setting up a PPC account (Pay per click account) you need to find the best possible keywords for your website. There are many online tools available but the best and easiest (and free as well) is Google Adwords tool (you need to sign with a Google Account):
You can start with a small/medium range budget and select those keywords which has more potential to convert rather than just generate traffic.

There are various PPC channels available:
1. Google Ads– Covers Google search and various Google partner websites
2. Microsoft Ads– Covers Bing, Yahoo, and various partner websites
3. Facebook Ads
4. LinkedIn Ads
You have to minimum pay $0.01 per click for PPC traffic. Popular search terms are costly so its smart so start with medium popularity keywords having moderate cost.

2. SEO or Organic Listings!
SEO (search engine optimization) provides free traffic but you need to get your website optimized for this. There are many SEO companies that offer affordable SEO services that you can hire to start. SEO takes 3-4 months for ranking (actually it depends upon the keyword you want to target) but is very cost-effective in the long term.

3. Offline Promotion
Get your website URL printed on your invoices, receipts, business cards, flyers, newspaper ads, magazine ads, tv ads etc. Giving away promotional items like bags, pens is also a booster.

4. Social Promotion
Integrate your website to social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Create your business/fan page, add friends, create groups, become active in the community, etc.

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