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Free SEO Audit

Looking for Improved Search Engine Rankings for your Website?
Are you happy with your websites visibility on Google or other Search Engines? Do you have good rankings for keywords that represent the best opportunity for converting a visitor into a customer?

Whether you’re looking to increase web sales, generate traffic to your website or build awareness of your company online, search engine optimization should form the basis of your online marketing strategy.

The SEO Audit is a fixed price approach to search engine optimization (SEO); delivering an industry leading and business focused solution which is designed to ensure that your website is fully optimized for all of the major search engines including all SEO parameters.
Ensuring that your website is search engine friendly is critical to gaining prominent search engine rankings and the SEO Audit provides a proven and successful approach which will ensure that your website works for you.

Fully featured, the SEO Audit report includes:

• Website Analysis: comprehensive research of the website with respect to all the SEO parameters.

• Keyword Analysis: comprehensive research in order to identify keywords and phrases that are actually being used by your target market to source your products and services.

• Existing Code Optimisation: full review of existing website code, Title, Meta tags and structure to ensure that search engines can successfully index, and list, your website pages.

• Content/Text Optimisation: the provision of recommended guidelines for ensuring that your content is search engine friendly.

• Website domain issues

• Website structure and architecture

• Website content and theme analysis

• Internal navigation

• A detailed review of your top 4 pages

• Outbound links analysis

• Inbound links analysis

• Usability (brief overview only)

• Tags, meta tags and tag attributes

• HTML validation overview of your website to identify any coding issues that might affect your search engine rankings.

• A guide to link building and how to identify and build links to your website.

• Link building template to include optimized title, description and keywords to use on your links from other websites.

• Additional marketing recommendations designed to ensure that your website gains maximum visibility online.

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