What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, means customizing your website in order to generate high search engine rankings (SERPS). In other words: Seo is an Art of optimizing websites to rank high in Search engines.

Search Engine Optimization is a process of choosing the most appropriate targeted keyword phrases related to your site and ensuring that this ranks your site highly in search engines so that when someone searches for specific phrases it returns your site on tops. It basically involves fine-tuning the content of your site along with the HTML and Meta tags and also involves appropriate link building process. The most popular search engines are Google, Yahoo, MSN Search, AOL and Ask Jeeves. Search engines keep their methods and ranking algorithms secret, to get credit for finding the most valuable search-results and to deter spam pages from clogging those results. A search engine may use hundreds of factors while ranking the listings where the factors themselves and the weight each carries may change continually. Algorithms can differ so widely that a web page that ranks #1 in a particular search engine could rank #200 in another search engine. New sites need not be “submitted” to search engines to be listed. A simple link from a well-established site will get the search engines to visit the new site and begin to spider its contents. It can take a few days to even weeks from the referring of a link from such an established site for all the main search engine spiders to commence visiting and indexing the new

seo freelancerIf you are unable to research and choose keywords and work
on your own search engine ranking, you may want to hire
someone to work with you on these issues.
Search engine marketing and promotion companies, will look
at the plan for your site and make recommendations to
increase your search engine ranking and website traffic. If
you wish, they will also provide ongoing consultation and reporting to monitor your website and make recommendations for editing and improvements to keep your site traffic flow and your search engine ranking high. Normally your search engine optimization experts work with your web designer to build an integrated plan right away so that all aspects of design are considered at the same time.

It is the search engines that finally bring your website to the
notice of the prospective customers. When a topic is typed for
search, nearly instantly, the search engine will sift through
the millions of pages it has indexed about and present you
with ones that match your topic. The searched matches are
also ranked, so that the most relevant ones come first.
Remember that a prospective customer will probably only
look at the first 2-3 listings in the search results. So it does

matter where your website appears in the search engine
Further, they all use one of the top 6-7 search engines and
these search engines attract more visitors to websites than
anything else. So finally it all depends on which search
engines the customers use and how they rank your site.
It is the Keywords that play an important role than any
expensive online or offline advertising of your website.
It is found by surveys that a when customers want to find a
website for information or to buy a product or service, they
find their site in one of the following ways:
• The first option is they find their site through a search
• Secondly they find their site by clicking on a link from
another website or page that relates to the topic in
which they are interested.
• Occasionally, they find a site by hearing about it from a
friend or reading in an article.
Thus it’s obvious the most popular way to find a site, by
search engine, represents more than 90% of online users. In
other words, only 10% of the people looking for a website will
use methods other than search engines.

All search engines employ a ranking algorithm and one of the main rules in a ranking algorithm is to check the location and frequency of keywords on a web page. Don’t forget that algorithms also give weight to link population (number of web pages linking to your site). When performed by a qualified, experienced search engine optimization consultant, your site for high search engine rankings really does work, unless you have a lot of money and can afford to pay the expert. With better knowledge of search engines and how they work, you can also do it on your own.

Okay, but what makes SEO better than traditional marketing?

In an increasingly competitive market knowing how to target your specific audience is the key to the success of your business. Online and SEO marketing is the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to target a specific audience without a huge amount of spending up front. You aren’t burning money on ad campaigns, and SEO marketing isn’t risky. It is a proven, effective way of pushing your website to the top of a web search.
That makes sense, but how does SEO work?

SEO works by analyzing your specific niche market, the products or services you offer, and the keywords that are used to search for your services online. We use tools that map traffic and provide quantitative figures of how many times certain keywords are searched each month. Once we define the keywords that your company is competing for, we optimize your website using those key words and phrases. Through a series of optimization techniques, internet marketing, and relevant, information-rich web content, your site begins ranking higher in search results for those keywords. When a visitor enters your site, he or she will see text that explains quickly why your products or services are the best. Remember, you have 15 seconds to grab a customer’s attention.

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