Have you noticed the new Google Search layout?

Google-SEO Yes, Google has changed its search layout for Desktop. This change is going to impact the organic traffic and as a SEO expert you have now one more reason to worry. There is no right section Ads but Now, we have four Ads at the TOP of the search results instead of three. However the Product ads are appearing on the right section but its limited to user search query. This change in layout has given worries to the SEO webmasters. Any user with a low resolution screen may not see the organic results above the fold. The CTR for organic results will certainly decrease because of this change. This change is already rolling out WorldWide so keep an eye on your webmaster tool reports and see of there is any change in the CTR for your top ranking queries?   Below is a screenshot of results appearing:   image


As you can see, its now difficult to see a organic search results without scrolling down the page.

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