Google’s Core Ranking Algorithm Update

Google has recently pushed an update to their core algorithm last weekend. Zineb Ait Bahajji (in French), Gary Illyes and John Mueller of Google have confirmed on Twitter that this is a core ranking update rather than a Penguin update we were expecting. Now the surprising thing is, Google hardly confirms the core algorithmic updates as the last confirmation was done back in May 2015. This core update has so far shown some positive impact witnessed at various Webmaster Forums:

Seeing significant positive changes here on the east coast for long time penguin hit sites.

I am seeing a large increase in traffic on a squeaky clean USA site that has been around for a couple years. There are three links the site acquired throughout this time, and Google traffic changes to it is a good indicator of non-penguin updates for me. The industry the site is in is also clean with no spammers I know of in it. If what Google is doing is penguin, I would not expect any of the sites in this industry to move.

I’ve also got some positive movements. Looks like a big update rolling out.

What’s your take? Did you noticed any change in rankings? of Flux?

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